Friday, July 18, 2008

11th hour and all's well...mostly

Hello all!

Well, this is it. Tomorrow I take off to San Francisco and begin my twenty seven month odyssey to southeast Asia.

The car is sold (got a good price too!)

The bags are packed (They are 1.3 lbs under the weight limit!)

I've tied up all the loose ends I could think of...I hope...

I got to see The Dark Knight today (you owe it to yourself to see one of the finest performances in a movie. Heath Ledger is disturbingly brilliant.)

I ate a great big ol steak at Outback with my Mom. (served to us by freaking Rain Man)

And now I lay comfortably chilling out in bed. The noisy barking dogs erasing any anxiety I may have had about the trip (Makes me look forward to being in Cambodia!)

I hope to keep on posting, hopefully with value added, entertaining posts.

Wish me luck!



Patrick said...

Vaya con huevos, 'mano...

glenna said...

I miss you but the dogs said naaaa! be safe love you Mom