Tuesday, November 4, 2008

...And the winner is

Hello all! Well, It's currently 4:23pm on Tuesday November 4th here in Cambodia...That's right! ELECTION DAY!! and we're 11 hours ahead of the United States. Don't worry, I won't ruin the day for you by letting you know who won. How nice am I?

Things are still plugging along here in Kampuchea. Today I spent some time working on a grant proposal with a couple of Khmer teachers. It looks like I'll be able to a bit of the old job with them and help them out with project prioritizing and planning. Should be fun.

Last week there were two Khmer holidays, King Coronation day and the King's birthday. Since this meant that nobody would be in school for pretty much the whole week, a few volunteers took this opportunity to head up north to check out Siem Reap. This turned out to be a really good experience...and I didn't even go to Angkor Wat! Don't worry, coming to Kampuchea and not checking out Angkor would be like going all the way to the Grand Canyon and only staying for 15 minutes and I'd never do anything as effing stupid as that! This trip was more about decompressing with other PCVs from the pressures of settling into site.

Siem Reap at times resembles more of a spring break destination than Cambodia and a couple of the bars (on "bar" st.) even had a halloween party on the 31st. So, needless to say, there was fun to be had by all and it was nice to know that this spot was only about two hours away by bus, even though it was a little expensive.

Well, this is the week that i'm putting the rubber to the road finally. I will solidify relationships at one of my three schools and finally get down to business. That leaves the other two still to go...

Whew... this job is almost like work.

see you soon!


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glenna said...

well I'm still reading, if a bit late! Seems I check and check for a time to see if you've posted anything , then give up and that's when you do it. Are you working with 3 schools? Somehow I missed that. Are they all in the same place? I'm glad you were at a party on Halloween. Guess I thought they wouldn't nnotice. Hope you get a good meal for Thanksgiving! I'll miss you and will talk about you every chance I get. That's how moms are. Love you